Driver in International Truck Driving Simulator Behind the Wheel - goggles (HMD) head shot

Truck Driving Simulator for Vehicle Fleet Operators, Utility and Service Companies

Many businesses and local government agencies that operate fleets of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) - trucks, vans and mini-buses, are becoming increasingly concerned by the cost of crashes.

While frequently employing non-CDL drivers, a number of aspects of the LCV work makes the driving task more demanding than operating a typical passenger car:

Utility Van Driving Simulator Set-up

If you currently use the Smith System® and feel that this training is just not enough, the Drive Square Simulator is a right tool for you.

The Drive Square Driving Simulator is a driver training/retraining tool. Unlike most other driving simulators, all drivers can be trained in one of your actual fleet vehicles.

What if some of your drivers do not follow these practices? You will never know until they get in a costly accident.

Driving on Drive Square Simulator under watchful eyes of a computer and a safety instructor may sound an early warning signal.

Using our set of realistic driving scenarios, will help to reinforce such key driving skills as looking far enough ahead, effective scanning, space management and making sure others see your vehicle.

Some of the issues the Drive Square Simulation System™ can address are:

This training is conducted in a real vehicle, one which the trainee uses every day. By using a head mounted display and turning his/her head, the driver gets a 360° view of the surrounding situation, creating a much more realistic environment and resulting in better training outcomes. Furthermore - the training is provided in a consistent, repeatable manner (regardless of the current traffic or weather conditions during the training session).

The instructor has a re-play capability providing a bird’s eye view of how the trainee performed as well a complete and customizable set of reports that can be used to document performance.

The Drive Square Driving Simulator is portable and easy to use. It can be brought to a location of convenience, instead of bringing the personnel to a training center. Training can be performed during slow business days without taking up valuable work time. And when not using the simulator for training, it can be used for community outreach to promote driver safety programs.

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